Treasure Hunt Ideas for Adults

We have listed here some treasure hunts clue ideas for adults, although most of the clues on this website can be used for adult treasure hunts as you can simply make them slightly harder.

Some tips would include adding a competitive edge in challenges - possibly have two teams competing against each other to race to the end of the hunt.

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These clue ideas work very well for adults doing treasure hunts:

Drink a gallon of water...or something stronger! - this is where treasure hunts meet drinking games, with shots or some other alcohol sitting between the hunters and their next clue. And for the non-drinkers, you could swap in something that's hard to stomach, like Clamato juice (that's clams and tomato juice).

Scavenger hunt - The treasure hunters are given a list of items that they must retrieve (e.g. a lit match, Ace of Diamonds...). If they retrieve a certain amount of them within the given time limit they get given the next clue.

Miming letters - Messages are mimed one letter at a time from one person to another through different rooms.