Treasure Hunt Ideas

Treasure hunts are a brilliant thing to do on a bright sunny day, or a rainy one! It's more interesting when the treasure hunt has a variety of clues, which is where this site can help! We have a range of clues for treasure hunts and scavenger hunts. Take a look at our full list of ideas, just our outdoor challenges, or look at one of our categories such as treasure hunt codes, treasure hunt searches or treasure hunt challenges. Newly added clues include Letters With Transparency Overlay, clues hidden in Writing in Steam or a classic Word Search.

This website helps you build a treasure hunt made up of a sequence of clues or any difficulty, ideal for children or adults. This is where the first clue leads to where clue 2 is hidden, which leads to where clue 3 is hidden. Alternatively you could build a treasure hunt challenge that involves lots of different clues that treasure hunters must solve.


Treasure hunt clues, maps and codes

Our Hints and tips page gives some advice on how to set up a treasure hunt, and things to look out for when making one.

Treasure hunt clue ideas

You can browse our idea categories or view all our clues for children and adults ideas in one list.

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Encased In Ice

The next clue is encased in ice - the treasure hunter has to break the ice to retrieve the clue.

Google Treasure Map

Use Google Maps to mark the location of the next clue.

Outdoor Obstacal Course

Treasure hunters must complete an obstacal course to win the next clue.

This site is slowly growing as more treasure hunt clue ideas are added. Don't forget to checkout out our Hints and Tips page for some guides and advice on creating treasure hunts. If you have your own ideas and would like them listed on the site as inspiration for others please send them to us as Make sure you include your name so we can include you as the idea's creator!

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