Treasure Hunt Ideas for Easter egg hunts

Easter egg hunts are just around the corner! Many families celebrate Easter (20th April) with Easter treasure hunts and Easter egg hunts and this website has lots of great ideas for treaure hunts of any sort. Two of our favourite Easter Egg hunt ideas are close-up photos of a hidden creme egg or a wordsearch of Easter words. Take a look at our Easter Egg Hunt ideas page for more ideas and example of good clue ideas.

Of course, treasure hunts are brilliant at any party and family get-together, and a lot of the fun is creating a treasure hunt itself. If you need clues for treasure hunts or scavenger hunts have a look at some of our ideas.

This website helps you build a treasure hunt made up of a sequence of clues. This is where the first clue leads to where clue 2 is hidden, which leads to where clue 3 is hidden. Alternatively you could build a treasure hunt challenge that involves lots of different clues that treasure hunters must solve.


Treasure hunt clues, maps and codes

Our Hints and tips page gives some advice on how to set up a treasure hunt, and things to look out for when making one.

Treasure hunt clue ideas

You can browse our idea categories or view all our clues for children and adults ideas in one list.

All our treasure hunt clues


A riddle leads to the next clue, or must be answered by the treasure hunters to earn their next clue.

Combination Locks

A combination lock gives the next clue by using digits found on other clues

Spelling Errors

Deliberate spelling mistakes in the clue's text hide the location of the next clue.

This site is slowly growing as more treasure hunt clue ideas are added. The categories and idea types allow you to browse the clues and apply filters to search for different ideas. If you have your own ideas and would like them listed on the site as inspiration for others please send them to us as Make sure you include your name so we can include you as the idea's creator!

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