Treasure Hunt Ideas

Treasure hunt ideas, clues and tips

  • Why are treasure hunts so much fun?

    Why are treasure hunts so much fun? A treasure hunt is a great way to entertain a group of people, particularly at a children’s party. There is a competitive aspect to a treasure hunt, but because hunters often have to work as a team it doesn’t matter if the abilities of the hunters vary. Treasure…

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  • Making a cryptex by cutting and taping a tube so it fits inside another tube

    Making a cryptex

    Making a cryptex In Dan Brown’s novels a Cryptex is a device that contains a hidden message. Rotating dials must be aligned to unlock the device. This homemade, cryptex-inspired clue uses two card tubes to hide the clue. The tubes have to be correctly aligned to read the right answer. 1) Find or make two…

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  • Treasure hunt prizes

    Treasure hunt prizes It is incredibly important to have a prize at the end of a treasure hunt, although the size of the prize does not always matter. Having a prize draws the hunt to an end and means that the hunters know they have succeeded in their quest. It can be awkward if they…

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  • Scavenger Hunt Clue

    Scavenger Hunt Clue To complete a scavenger hunt, treasure hunters must find and collect items from a list they areĀ  given. A scavenger hunt could be the entire hunt, where hunters win their prize by finding everything from their list, or the scavenger hunt could just be one part of a larger hunt where they…

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  • Christmas Eve treasure hunt

    Christmas Eve treasure hunt Many families have a brilliant tradition of making a treasure hunt on Christmas Eve, leading to a little Christmas gift that children are allowed to open a little earlier than the presents they will be receiving the next day. Sometimes this is a new book or a new set of Christmas…

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  • The most important part of a treasure hunt

    The most important part of a treasure hunt One of the most important things to remember when creating treasure hunt clues is to make sure the clues are not too hard to solve. This sounds obvious, but there is a temptation when writing clues to give hunters a challenge to solve. However, if they get…

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  • Magic Eye treasure hunt clues

    Magic Eye treasure hunt clues The Magic Eye books, published in the 1990’s, contained images which made use of depth perception to hide the outline of objects or words inside them. These images are autostereograms, though many people now use the term Magic Eye to refer to any autostereogram regardless of whether it was in…

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  • Padlocks in a treasure hunt

    Padlocks in a treasure hunt Padlocks come in a great many varieties, and are a fantastic way to add an interactive element into your treasure hunt. Treasure hunt clues using padlocks Treasure chest In most treasure hunts the prize is usually hidden, but if you have a box that you can lock it is very…

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  • Make a treasure hunt with your own clues

    Make a treasure hunt with your own clues A new feature has been added to the Make A Treasure Hunt tool! As well as being able to pick from over 2,800 clues, you can now write your own clue to add into your treasure hunt. This means that you could write a clue to a location…

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  • Stack of electronic devices

    Clues that use TVs, phones and Alexa

    Clues that use TVs, phones and Alexa A really good way to add interesting elements into a home-made treasure hunt is to use gadgets and appliances so that the hunters see or interact with something. Often clues are easiest to prepare by writing them on paper, but by using technology the treasure hunt can be…

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