Treasure Hunt Ideas

Treasure hunts for adults

If you are making a treasure hunt for adults there are some things you can do to make it more interesting and engaging. Treasure hunts for adults are often harder, as you want to challenge your hunters (whilst keeping it fun of course!).

Our free online treasure hunt builder has a treasure hunt for adults ready for you to customise and use. It has 15 clues to different locations around the home, and each clue is in a different format. There is a QR code, a magic eye, different codes, anagrams, visual clues, a word search, foreign languages and encrypted clues. If you don’t want to use one of the clues you can remove it and add your own.

Build a free treasure hunt for adults

If you would like to build your own treasure hunt you can pick from over 170 clue locations and 25 different clue formats to make a fund and varied treasure hunt for adults of all abilities – create your own treasure hunt.


Adults are more likely to recognise these codes than children would, so there would be no need provide a decode sheet.

Morse code

Under the bed

Signal Flags

Shed - signal flags

Using more than paper

Treasure hunts can feel more exciting when they involve your surroundings. Here are some examples.

Writing on windows

Use whiteboard markers to write on windows; this could be the clue itself, or part of the clue like an encoded message.

Locked rooms

Lock a room and so that the hunters must solve the clues to progress into the next room to continue the hunt.


Use TVs or monitors to reveal a clue. Turning it on could reveal a photo or a video, or turning it up could play a musical clue.

Combination locks and recognisable numbers

Patterns of numbers are hard to recognise but could be used to reveal the combination of a padlock.

Prime numbers

2,  _,  5, 7,  _,  13,  17,  19 (combination code would be 311)

Fibonacci sequence

0, _, 1, 2, _, 5, _, 13, 21 (combination code would be 138)


1010111001 (combination code would be 697)

Roman numerals

DCCXCIX (combination code would be 799)


3.141_92_53_9 (combination code would be 565)


Use technology to make the treasure hunt more interactive.

Text messages

Clues could be texted to the hunters from a unknown number.

QR codes

QR Codes can be created online and scanned with any camera phone.