Treasure Hunt Ideas

Free treasure hunt ideas and treasure hunt clues

There are lots of free treasure hunt ideas on this website for you to use in a home made treasure hunt. The treasure hunt clue ideas are split into challenges, puzzles, codes and searches.

If you would like to build your treasure hunt then you can use our free treasure hunt tool to make a treasure hunt online. It has over 4000 clues ready for you to use to create a treasure hunt.

If you’re making a treasure hunt for adults see out Treasure Hunt Ideas for Adults for some tips and ideas on how to make a treasure hunt for grown-ups!

Clue ideas

Miming letters

Messages are mimed one letter at a time from one person to another.

View miming letters idea

QR Codes

A secret message is coded into an image which can be read by (most) smartphones.

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Invisible Black Light Writing

Use a special pen to write a clue that can only be read with a “black light”.

View Invisible Black Light Writing idea

Treasure hunt clues, maps and codes

Our Hints and tips page gives some advice on how to set up a treasure hunt, and things to look out for when making one.

The list of treasure hunt clues is expanding, and if you have your own ideas or clues and would like them listed on the site as inspiration for others please send them to us as Make sure you include your name so we can include you as the idea’s creator!