Treasure Hunt Ideas

Make a treasure hunt with your own clues

A new feature has been added to the Make A Treasure Hunt tool! As well as being able to pick from over 2,800 clues, you can now write your own clue to add into your treasure hunt. This means that you could write a clue to a location that isn’t already in the list of available clues. You’ll be able to make your treasure hunts even more personal, by having a clue in something that is specific to your home.
Here are some ideas for treasure hunt clues you could write and add into your treasure hunt:

  • Write a quote from the hunter’s favourite book
  • List items that the hunters must find in a scavenger hunt to be given the next clue
  • Give the hunters compass directions which they must follow to get to the next clue
  • Hide a clue under a specific ornament or pot plant and anagram or encrypt its name

Ready to get started? Create your hunt now!