Treasure Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt Clue

To complete a scavenger hunt, treasure hunters must find and collect items from a list they areĀ  given. A scavenger hunt could be the entire hunt, where hunters win their prize by finding everything from their list, or the scavenger hunt could just be one part of a larger hunt where they are given the next clue if they find everything from the list. Items can be crossed off the list as they are found or you could go through everything that has been collected and see if the hunters have found enough of the items within a time limit.

Here are some good scavenger hunt item ideas that you could use as inspiration for you hunt.

Household items such as “a red clothes peg”, “a key longer than your finger”, “a left shoe”, “a torch that works”, “something with more than 9 buttons”.
Try to think of things that are common and the hunters can find safely and without going through every drawer int he house. By being specific such as specifying the colour, size etc. adds a little thought into what the hunters grab.

Harder to find items such as “Queen of clubs playing card”, “three identical dice”, “two books by the same author”, “a tower of coins”.
On the face of it, these items are not too hard to find but they do have an added challenge. Hunters may go straight to the bookshelf to find the books but then need to spend time honing own what they pick up.

Creative items such as “a four line poem about dogs”, “a picture of a tree”, “any origami”, “a new name for the pet cat”.
These should be simple enough tasks that do not take too long to finish.

Funny things such as “a funny face”, “a silly walk”, “someone singing Happy Birthday song backwards”, “someone using socks as gloves”.
These are not necessarily things that have to be found, but must be shown to everyone for it to be crossed off the list. This is particularly entertaining if these funny things have to be shown together at the end of the gathering part, so that they can be crossed off the list with everything else.