Treasure Hunt Ideas

Free Christmas treasure hunt

We have created twenty treasure hunt clues that are either Christmas themed or are hidden in Christmas locations/objects. These are for you to use for free in treasure hunts you are making. The numbering is given so that you can reference clues but you don’t need to do all of them or do them in this order.

Simply choose some clues, put the first one aside (to give to the hunters) and hide the rest in any order. Give the hunters the first clue to set them off.

If you need more clues take a look at our list of free treasure hunts or treasure hunt ideas.


  1. Clue: riddle. Answer: Cracker
    You find me on the dinner table.
    You pull me apart.
    I make a bang!
    I give you a gift and a hat.
  2. Clue: A = B. Answer: Stocking
    A = B
    R S N B J H M F
  3. Clue: order letters. Answer: WITH SANTA HAT
    Reveal the next clue by placing these in the order they appear in The Twelve Days of Christmas:
    Lords a-leaping = H
    Ladies dancing = A
    Turtle doves = I
    Maids a-milking = T
    French hens = T
    Partridge in a pear tree = W
    Calling birds = H
    Pipers piping = A
    Geese a-laying = A
    Swans a-swimming = N
    Drummers drumming = T
    Gold rings = S
  4. Clue: letter path. Answer: Nativity scene
    Nativity scene - letter path
  5. Clue: scavenger hunt; when the items have been found give them the next clue.
    Place the following on the table to be given the next clue:
    1. A bauble
    2. A drawing of a snowman
    3. A carrot for Rudolph
    4. A woolly sock
    5. A Christmas DVD or CD
    6. An advent calendar
    7. A hat
    8. Christmas food (for example: chocolate, Brussel sprout, mince pie or Christmas pudding)
  6. Clue: jumbled image. Answer: snowglobe
    Can you work out what this is an image of without having to cut it out and rearrange it?
    Snowglobe - puzzle
  7. Clue: word search. Answer: Tinsel BAUBLE | CAROLS | GLOVES | SCARF | SNOWMAN | TINSEL | TREE | YULELOG
  8. Clue: puzzle. Answer: UNDER DOOR MAT
    Under door mat - puzzle
  9. Clue: circular text. Answer: BAUBLE
    Bauble circular - text
  10. Clue: pictogram. Answer: Fairy lights
    Fairy lights - pictogram
  11. Clue: first letters. Answer: wreath
    Wreath - first letters
  12. Clue: foreign language. Answer: Christmas Tree
    Weihnachtsbaum (German)
    Sapin de Noël (French)
    árbol de Navidad (Spanish)
    drzewko świąteczne (Polish)
  13. Clue: mirrored writing. Answer: Presents
    With the presents - mirrored writing
  14. Clue: song; the hunters have sung a Christmas song correctly give them the next clue.
    Sing a Christmas song without reading the words! You will then get your next clue.
  15. Clue: question. Answer: Christmas pudding
    Where at Christmas would you traditionally hide a sixpence?
  16. Clue: capital letters. Answer: Chimney
    we wish you a merry Christmas
    we wisH you a merry chrIstmas
    we wish you a merry christMas
    aNd a happy nEw Year
  17. Clue: template mask: cut out the two grids so that they are separate. The hunters must place the second sheet over the first (orientated the correct way) to reveal the clue. Answer: KETTLE
    Kettle - letter mask
  18. Clue: famous names. Answer: Holly
    _ _ _ _ _ Willoughby
    _ _ _ _ _ Valance
  19. Clue: film posters. Answer: Left shoe: (Home alone, Elf, Nativity, Miracle on 34th Street, The Nightmare Before Christmas)
    Left shoe - film posters
  20. Clue: spinners: cut out the three discs and use a split-pin or similar to attach them together (smallest on top). Hunters must align each symbol in turn to read the opposing letters. Answer: under the sink
    Under the sink - spinners