Free treasure hunt

An easy indoor treasure hunt

We have created 20 treasure hunt clues for locations and objects around the house for you to use for free in treasure hunts you are making. The numbering is given so that you can reference clues but you don't need to do all of them or do them in this order.

Simply choose some clues, put the first one aside (to give to the hunters) and hide the rest in any order. Give the hunters the first clue to set them off.

If you need more clues take a look at our list of free treasure hunts or treasure hunt ideas.

Free treasure hunt clues

Download treasure hunt clues as PDF

  1. Clue: 1=A, 2=B. Answer: teapot
    If A = 1
  2. Clue: mirror writing. Answer: umbrella
    Mirrored writing: umbrella
  3. Clue: anagram. Answer: freezer
  4. Clue: word search. Answer: IN THE SOFA
  5. Clue: capital letters. Answer: IN A SAUCEPAN
    lorem Ipsum sed sed commodo libero. Nam winterdum suscipit Ante. phasellus conguer, niSl rowm eu fAciliosis interduco, lacUs nibh ultriCies sopiEn, ac daPicus munc kest sipt hAmet Ni.
  6. Clue: maze. Answer: WITH THE IRON
    Maze: with the iron
  7. Clue: image. Answer: A Harry Potter book
    Harry Potter book
  8. Clue: jigsaw. Answer: COFFEE TABLE
    Jigsaw – cut along the lines to create the 20 jigsaw pieces that have to be put back together to reveal the clue.
    Jigsaw: coffee table
    The answer is revealed by reading the letters touching the grey line.

    The other letters are red-herrings, but also help determine which way up the pieces go, making it a little easier to put together.
  9. Clue: first letters. Answer: lamp
    First letters: lamp
  10. Clue: pictogram. Answer: fish tank
    Pictogram: fish tank
  11. Clue: pictogram. Answer: dog bed
    Pictogram: dog bed
  12. Clue: pictogram. Answer: cat bowl
    Pictogram: cat bowl
  13. Clue: mathematics. Answer: DESK
    Mathematics: desk
  14. Clue: 'what am I' riddle. Answer: vase
    My first is in VET but not in PET
    My second is in TRAIN but not in TOURING
    My third is in SIGHT and also in SEE
    My fourth is in PEAR but not in PAIR
    I hold something pretty.
    What am I?
  15. Clue: letter pile. Answer: SHOWER
    Letter pile: shower
  16. Clue: A=B. Answer: FRUIT BOWL
    If A = B, B = C … Z = A
  17. Clue: riddle question. Answer: sink
    What is the opposite of ‘float’?
  18. Clue: link words. Answer: clock
    _ _ _ _ _ work
    _ _ _ _ _ face
    _ _ _ _ _ wise
  19. Clue: circular text. Answer: microwave
    Circular text: microwave
  20. Clue: link word. Answer: cup
    EGG_ _ _
    WORLD _ _ _
    TEA _ _ _
    _ _ _ CAKE