Free treasure hunt

An easy outdoor treasure hunt

We have created 20 treasure hunt clues for locations and objects around the garden for you to use for free in treasure hunts you are making. The numbering is given so that you can reference clues but you don't need to do all of them or do them in this order.

Simply choose some clues, put the first one aside (to give to the hunters) and hide the rest in any order. Give the hunters the first clue to set them off.

If you need more clues take a look at our list of free treasure hunts or treasure hunt ideas.

Free treasure hunt clues

Download treasure hunt clues as PDF

  1. Clue: 1=A, 2=B. Answer: teapot
    If A = 1
  2. Clue: path. Answer: shed
    Follow from the "start" to find where the next clue is hidden.
    Clue path: shed
  3. Clue: picture code. Answer: drain pipe
    Picture code: drain pipe
  4. Clue: word search. Answer: NEXT CLUE IS NEAR THE COMPOST HEAP
    Find these words in the word search. Any remaining letters will spell out the location of the next clue. CLUES | DISCOVER | EXPLORE | FIND |
  5. Clue: anagram. Answer: Tree trunk
    Rete rnukt
  6. Clue: first letters. Answer: water butt
    First letters: water butt
  7. Clue: map. Answer: DOOR BELL
    Follow the instructions and write down the letters that you pass on the way. Cross off the letters as you use them.
    Map: door bell
  8. Clue: letter grid. Answer: ON THE WASHING LINE
    Letter grid: washing line
  9. Clue: circular text. Answer: red flower
    Circular text: red flower
  10. Clue: spinners: cut out the three discs and use a split-pin or similar to attach them together (smallest on top). Hunters must align each symbol in turn to read the opposing letters. Answer: ON GARDEN GATE
    Spinners: ON GARDEN GATE
  11. Clue: mathematics. Answer: tap
    Mathematics: Tap
  12. Clue: link words. Answer: table
    _ _ _ _ _ tennis
    coffee _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ cloth
  13. Clue: mirror writing. Answer: LAWNMOWER
    Mirror writing: lawnmower
  14. Clue: puzzle. Answer: watering can
    Puzzle: watering can
  15. Clue: scavenger hunt; when the items have been found give them the next clue. Answer: various
    Place the following on the table to be given the next clue:
    1. A pebble
    2. A ball
    3. A Y-shaped stick
    4. A shoe
    5. A plant pot
    6. 3 different shaped leaves
    7. A gardening tool
  16. Clue: capital letters. Answer: hanging basket
    tHe location of the next clue is hidden in this messAge. caN you work out where to look? is there anythinG strange about thIs message? does aNythinG stand out? you must Be Able to Solve the puzzle and looK wherE this clue poinTs!
  17. Clue: A=B. Answer: bench
    If A = B, B = C … Z = A
  18. Clue: image. Answer: spade
    On a Spade icon
  19. Clue: letter pairs. Answer: HOSEPIPE
    Letter pairs: hosepipe
  20. Clue: Wingdings. Answer: swing
    Wingdings: swing