Free treasure hunt

A harder indoor treasure hunt

Below are listed some slightly harder treasure hunt clues. They are for locations and objects around the home for you to use, for free, in treasure hunts you are making. You can use as many of them as you like, and in any order.

Simply choose some clues, put the first one aside (to give to the hunters) and hide the rest in any order. Give the hunters the first clue to set them off.

If you need more clues take a look at our list of free treasure hunts or treasure hunt ideas.

Free treasure hunt clues

Download treasure hunt clues as PDF

  1. Clue: riddle. Answer: clock
    I have a face but never smile.
    I have hands but never wave.
    What am I?
  2. Clue: morse code. Answer: teapot
    Morse code: teapot
  3. Clue: word search. Answer: TOILET
    Find the only word hidden in this grid.
  4. Clue: onomatopoeia. Answer: Door Bell
  5. Clue: multi-tap text message writing. Answer: cereal box
    Multi-tap text message writing: cereal box
  6. Clue: word association. Answer: Fridge
  7. Clue: anagram. Answer: desk drawer

  8. Clue: nursery rhyme. Answer: kettle
    Polly put the ____ on
  9. Clue: question. Answer: Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell is most famously associated with what?
  10. Clue: mathematics. Answer: SPEAKER
    Mathematics: speaker
  11. Clue: jigsaw. Answer: UNDER A CHAIR
    Jigsaw – cut along the lines to create the 20 jigsaw pieces that have to be put back together to reveal the clue.
    Jigsaw: under a chair
    The answer is revealed by reading the letters touching the grey line.

    The other letters are red-herrings.
  12. Clue: A=5. Answer: saucepan
    If A = 5
  13. Clue: letter substitution. Answer: INSIDE THE TISSUE BOX
    1 = I, 2 = N, 11 = X
    Letter substitution: inside the tissue box
  14. Clue: QR code. Answer: Under a cushion
    QR code: under a cushion
  15. Clue: letter shift. Answer: mirror
    A = B
    L H Q Q N Q
  16. Clue: missing letters. Answer: RUG
  17. Clue: word association. Answer: Salt
    Sodium chloride (NaCl)
  18. Clue: symbol. Answer: iron
    Symbol: iron
  19. Clue: cropped word. Answer: VASE
    Cropped word: vase
  20. Clue: links words. Answer: plant
    House _ _ _ _ _
    Industrial _ _ _ _ _
    _ _ _ _ _ pot