Treasure Hunt Ideas


The next clue is hidden, and the treasure hunters must find it by listening to and recognising a sound (or music) associated with the sound.

For example,

  • Harry Potter theme song could lead to a clue hidden inside a Harry Potter book or DVD case
  • An old fashioned boiling kettle whiste could lead to a clue hidden under a kettle
  • Ringing the doorbell could lead to the door bell ringer itself (as opposed to the button by the front door)
  • Play a snippet of music that the treasure hunters must name e.g. Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis Presley

How to play the sound needs careful planning. Some options include:

  • Save the sound/music as an (untitled!) mp3 file on a USB stick or CD that the treasure hunters find
  • Hunters are given an FM radio frequency that the sound is broadcast over using an iTrip or similar. This is good for music on youTube, as you can play the music without the hunters seeing the video\’s title.
  • Record the sound on something like a dictaphone or smart phone for the hunters to fnd and play back.