Treasure Hunt Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

The treasure hunters are given a list of items that they must retrieve. If they retrieve a certain amount of them within the given time limit they get given the next clue.

See our tips about timed challenges – you need to make sure that the targeted number of items can be found in whatever time limit you set.

An example of this sort of clue could read:

8 of the 10 items below must be retrieved and brought to this location within a 3 minute time limit. The items must be in the state described when the time limit ends.

  1. A red ball
  2. A lit match (must still be lit when time limit ends)
  3. A peg on someone’s nose
  4. A living insect
  5. An ace of spades playing card
  6. 2 left shoes
  7. A full glass of water
  8. A hand drawing of a house
  9. 2 cans of baked beans
  10. Someone singing a made up song


For more inspiration read our article on creating a scavenger hunt.