Treasure Hunt Ideas

Indoor Obstacle Course

Treasure hunters must complete an obstacle course to win the next clue.

This challenge requires quite a bit of floor space, or the ability to spread it between different rooms. Here are some ideas for the obstacles:

  • Tunnel of dining room chairs or of sofa cushions
  • Climb over a table
  • Forward roll onto the end of the sofa
  • Crawl under a bed sheet that is weighed down at the edges
  • A hallway of dangers – place lots of things like cereal boxes, towers of toilet roll or drinks bottles all over a hallway floor that hunters must pass through without knocking them over
  • Pass under a bed
  • Tight corners – in a room pull all furniture a couple of feet away fom the wall, creating a small gap with tight corners the hunters must follow. Then tell hunters to get round the room whilst touching the wall.